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Guangzhou DaDi WeiYe Packaging Industrial Co. Ltd. and Shanghai WeiQuan Packaging Co. Ltd. came to SWKD for cooperation

2014/9/27      view:

On August 22, 2014, Mr. Nie Chunhua, assistant to the general manager of Guangzhou DaDiWeiYe Packaging Industrial Co. Ltd. and Mr. Liu Hongtao, assistant to the general manager of Shanghai WeiQuan Packaging Co. Ltd. visited our company for cooperation.
      At 10 a.m., accompanied by the vice general manager Mr. Hu Jianhua of Metal Packaging of SWKD, two assistants visited eight-color machine production line, laminated steel production line and six-color machine production line. They had a keen interest in each production line of our company. They listened to Mr. Hu’s introduction and took pictures wherever they go. 
      When they walked into the laminated steel production line, they were surprised by the clean production environment and said partners of food processing must be quite relieved.
    After visiting, President Mr. Li Min of SWKD and the branch leadership of Steel Strip Co. Ltd. and Metal Packaging Co. Ltd. communicated with Mr. Nie and Mr. Liu about cooperation in details in the meeting room of SWKD at 8 floor.