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Pelliconi’s CEO, Mr. Marcco and his team came to SWKD for cooperation

2014/9/27      view:

On July 9, 2014, Pelliconi’s CEO, Mr. Marcco and general manager, Mr. Pierluigi Garuti came to our company for cooperation. Pelliconi is the world's leading manufacturer of crown corks, metal and plastic caps for the bottling industry in Italy.
Accompanied by President Mr. Li Min of SWKD Group and other leaders, they first came to Metal Packaging Co. Ltd. to visit eight-color machine production line, laminated steel production line and six-color machine production line. Then they came to Steel Strip Science and Technology Co. Ltd. to visit PL-TCM, electrolytic tinplate production line and logistics products area. They had a keen interest in each Mr. Li’s introduction and gave high evaluation to our production equipments, technical capacity, PM and technical workers operating skills. They asked questions about some of the equipment and got a satisfactory answer.
     After visiting, the two sides discussed issues of cooperation in President Conference Room of SWKD Headquarters. They admired our company for production and business operation and hoped the two sides to continue to strengthen exchanges and jointly push forward the enterprise cooperation.