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Mr.Wang Jiuzong and his team came to SWKD to inspect and supervise the progress of the project

2014/9/27      view:

On August 18, 2014, Mr. Wang Jiuzong, Member of the Standing Committee of Tangshan Municipal Committee, Mr. Li Zhong, Qian’an municipal Committee Secretary and Mrs. Zhang Shuyun, deputy Secretary and Mayor of Qian’an and other leaders came to SWKD Steel Strip Science and Technology Co. Ltd. and SWKD Metal Packaging Co. Ltd. accompanied by President Mr. Li Min of SWKD Group, general manager Mr. Zhu Xudong of SWKD Steel Strip Science and Technology and general manager Mr. Wan Qiwei of SWKD Metal Packaging to inspect and supervise the progress of the project.
       Mr. Wang Jiuzong and his team first came to Steel Strip Science and Technology Co. Ltd. to visit PL-TCM, electrolytic tinplate production line and logistics products area. They listened Mr. Zhu Xudong  to report the progress of the tinplate project. Then they came to Metal Packaging Co. Ltd. to visit six-color machine project. They listened Mr. Wan Qiwei reported the progress of the six-color machine project.
Mr. Wang Jiuzong and his team gave full affirmation to our company’s progress of the project. Mr. Wang said that during the project construction, SWKD made its all work around the project construction of every stage of the trade development, and promoted the development of Qian’an economy.
Municipal Committee Secretary, Mr. Li Zhong said that the current development of Qian’an is in the crucial period of transformation, leading comrades at all levels would closely around transformation and upgrading to carry out the work, proceed from actual conditions and did well the service for the enterprise.